Family & Estate

Juan Carlos Gonzalez grew up the son of immigrants who were able to live the American Dream. Through hard work and smart investing, the parents of Juan Carlos were able to buy numerous apartments in the Los Angeles area. Growing up he had to learn about purchase contracts, escrows, leases, landlord tenant law, maintenance contracts and estate issues. Juan Carlos obtained his Real Estate Broker's license in 2003. With his law license, he helped his family find the right attorney and put together their trusts and manage their estate planning. In addition, Juan Carlos was the family bookkeeper since 2008 getting him familiar with balance sheets, accounting and tax returns. Ultimately inspiring him to learn more about tax law by obtaining his Master's in Tax Law at Loyola Law School (Expected 2016). 

Using all his skills in psychology, law, tax, accounting and real estate, Juan Carlos provides clients with 360 degree knowledge and experience on how to navigate complicated and difficult disputes over wills, trusts, and estates. His personal experience in being part of a family business, dealing with a business "Founder" and the evolution of a family through it all, provide a very unique perspective on family conflicts. His Master's Thesis was entitled, "The Nature of Conflict and the Family Business" (1995).