Leadership Training

Juan Carlos Gonzalez has a Master's in Psychology and has been a student of human behavior his entire life. As any labor relations professional knows, the simple fact that you are interacting with a high number of different people on a daily basis throughout your career, many more than in most any other career, highly improves the likeliness that you are going to run into people who are considered "High Conflict" Individuals.

As an outgrowth of teaching Psychology of Conflict at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law School, Juan Carlos began working with Dr. Jeffrey McNairy Psy.D, M.P.H. Juan Carlos had Dr. McNairy, an addiction specialist, guest lecture at his class over several years discussing addiction and trauma and their relationship to conflict. Expanding on this topic Juan Carlos and Dr. McNairy developed the program entitled, Navigating Extreme Behaviors at the Bargaining Table and Beyond: Crisis Management and Crisis Leadership in High Stakes and High Stress Negotiations. Juan Carlos and Dr. McNairy presented this program at the Orange County Labor & Employment Relations Association conference on May 14, 2013. To learn more about the interesting work of Dr. Jeff McNairy, you can visit his website at www.JeffMcNairy.com    

As Dr. McNairy moved to Costa Rica as the COO of the Rythmia Life Advancement Center, Juan Carlos was forced to respond to requests for presentations on his own. The next program was presented to the California Teachers Association Moreno Valley Educators Association 2014 Conference. The program was entitled, Navigating Difficult Behaviors As a Site Rep: LeaderSHIP: Working with Educational Employees.

In 2014, Juan Carlos also presented at the San Bernardino Teacher's Association Conference the rebranded for Education Employees, The A-B-C’s of Dealing With Difficult Behaviors: Working with Educational Employees.  

As a related topic, Juan Carlos has also been asked to be part of a panel on Bullying in the workplace. The panel was brought together by Marlene Hyser, founder of Workplace Law Strategies,  Chair, 28th Annual Labor and Employment Law  Conference and Past President, National LERA and adjunct at California State University, Long Beach.

On November 12, 2013 Juan Carlos participated as the Neutral on a panel for the Orange County Labor & Employment Relations Association (OC LERA) entitled, Workplace Bullying. Also on the panel were Marlene Heyser, Carlos Perez, Union advocate with Reich, Adell & Cvitan, and Tom Lenz, Management advocate with Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo.

On May 31st, 2014, as a result of the success of the OC LERA presentation, the same panel presented at the National LERA Conference in Portland, Oregon.  

Bill Eddy, also an adjunct at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law School, publishes High Conflict People in Legal Disputes Paperback – March 30, 2012. A great read for professionals and laymen alike who want to dig deep into the psychology of personality disorders and legal disputes.